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The Future Face of Canadian Music

With the big Y2K "thing" approaching, I sit here and wonder about what will survive into the next millennium. Yes, I know, the new millennium doesn't officially start until 2001, but it's close enough that we can start predicting what will happen. And anyway, even if a few readers out there don't agree with me, it doesn't matter because you're the ones reading and I'm the one writing.

What will the face of Canadian music in the next millennium be like? I'm sure most average listeners won't care all that much, it's more of the people in the business of predicting the next big thing who will be 
concerned about this, but the question still remains. Will things become radically different with new, yet unknown faces taking control. Or will old favourites remain and lead the way towards new musical 

Perhaps world renowned DJ and all around electronic music god Richie Hawtin (who I hope you all will be hearing a lot about in the coming months) will finally get the respect he deserves in his own country. All over Europe, Richie Hawtin and also his more well known alternative identity, Plastikman, are hailed as being an innovator in music and one of the most important creative forces to come out of the Detroit music scene. 

Or maybe more bands like Serial Joe will take off, providing a fresh young face for Canadian music talent? Serial Joe, or otherwise known to non fans as "Serial Joke", have managed to stir up controversy and provide some pretty good entertainment at the same time. Just how young is too young to be in a band that tours the country (and gets to play Woodstock '99! sheesh)? Serial Joe have managed to provide Canadian listeners with some fresh Canadian tunes. 

A more likely scenario will be that already established home grown faves like The Tragically Hip, The Tea Party, and Our Lady Peace and others will continue to lay down a path for up and coming bands to follow. But lets not forget the women of Canadian music. Sarah McLachlan, Amanda Marshall and Emm Gryner and so many others will inspire a whole new generation of girls to pick up guitars and start rocking along with all the guys. Then again, you never know. All these bands we hold near and dear to our hearts may be replaced by new faces who haven't even come along yet. That's the thing with predicting the future. You never know if you're going to be right until after it happens.

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