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Vol 2., Issue 2 - January 2000

The new issue of the new year.  Lots of cool stuff to be found as usual.

With shifting music fads, POPCan decided to take a look at the different style of music that grace our headquarters - the city of Toronto. And what a melange of different styles we found. A cover story on three local artists that come from different parts of the musical globe, we examine Planet Earth's formula of funk, Zaffi Gousopoulos' performance poetry and E's electronic beats. Read up and discover.

The staff also picked their five best happenings in the universal music industry. See what topped their lists as the best musical event of the year (you may be surprised at the answer!).  As well, learn the secrets to guitar playing from Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar, rock out with Moist and the Matthew Good Band and find out what horror tour stories Scratching Post has experienced.  

And of course the usual columns with The Voodoo ChildRevelgrrl's Rant, Lilibeth's Zine Reviews and Kenny Love's Tricks of the Trade plus a lot of other stuff.

Get yours soon. Just email us, or go to these fine stores in Toronto. See you next time!


What Does "Notebook" Mean??

    We've taken your suggestions on "defining" our reading departments, just so everyone knows what they mean.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • The Notebook: Short pieces of music news concerning Canadian music
  • Hieroglyphics: An opinion column written by The Voodoo Child on any aspect of the industry
  • Feature:  Usually a story on an event or artist
  • Live Wire:  Concert reviews
  • Spin It: Album reviews
  • Who:   A profile of an independent or local artist
  • On the Record:  An archive of photos of concerts or festival events
  • Talk About It:  Message board to discuss all things music (or not)
  • POPNews:  A listing of news happening at the POPCan Central, and a summary of site updates
  • This Issue:  Exactly what it says, a summary of what's in the current issue
  • Archives:  Looking for back issues? Find them right here.
  • Open Us:  A brief C.V. of POPCan Magazine and stores where it is available
  • Join Us:  Jump on board the staff. We're always looking for new personnel for new ideas
  • Contact:  Have something to say, suggest, question that needs answers? Write us
  • Leave / View Your Mark:  Our little guestbook, sign it and then see your mark

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