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Live Wire - Concert Reviews

May 30, 2000 - The Reverb, Toronto, ON


            Glitterhutch - who? To be honest, I had never heard of the band either. But on the prompting of a friend I went and checked them out - and I'm glad I did too.  The three-piece band made their debut appearance at the Reverb, bringing their unique blend of alt-rock / pop to the spacious club.

            I have to admit that upon hearing the first two songs, I was ready to write this band off as another indie band churning out the generic rock song that we've all heard before. But as the ten-song set progressed, it was evident that Glitterhutch was a little more than your average band.

           For one, their musicianship is dead on. I haven't heard a band play that together, or produce a sound so tight, in a while. With material that ranges from loud and hard to snappy, infectious melodies, Glitterhutch has a repertoire that's diverse and enjoyable. Songs like "Breath of Knowledge", "Common Treason" and "Contemptible Pictures" stand out with intricate drum beats, catchy riffs and guitar solos that show off enough prowess without being showy.  

           What's even more fun is trying to decide who's voice lead vocalist, Enrico, sounds like. With a strong and ample voice, he reminds me most of the time of Dexter Holland of The Offspring. He's got the same crescendo that can peak into that falsetto on a high note. But on other songs, he sounds like Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies - except in a tenor range. During the ballads, however,  Enrico carries a sultriness that's got traces of U2's Bono. (And if that's not enough vocal similarities for you, closing band Temple's vocalist is an exact voice replica of Scott Stapp of Creed and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.)

           Glitterhutch demonstrates a rock sensibility that's likeable and easy to listen to,  which is too bad that the audience was sparse. Despite that, Glitterhutch kept up their energy - although I would have liked to see a bit more showmanship. With a few more gigs under their belt and strong potential, it's easy to see Glitterhutch emerge as a promising band.




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