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Erik is Dr. Dave

A site about Erik Palladino and his character Dr. Dave Malucci on ER



January 17, 2000

      Ugh. I watched the People's Choice Awards - after ER won the award for Best Drama. Thanks to my mom for letting me know that Erik was there in a tux and that she didn't tape it for me. Am I bitter? Just a bit. :) But I do have lots of new stuff to tell you about! 

  • New ER pictures from Last Rites, Family Matters and The Domino Heart. Again, they're kinda blurry looking since I have yet to invest in a digital camera.

  • Added a new article excerpt in Articles; nice little news tidbit in Bits & Bites; wrote  Dave's storyline in The Domino Heart; 

  • Meredith has a Dave club on Yahoo. She's also starting up a page on Erik. It's under construction right now, so stayed tuned!

  • January 21 Episode: Green with Envy (Rerun)

    Not much of a Dave story in this one, but watch for him getting off the elevator after the shooting.


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