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Have you heard of POPCan Magazine?

If not, here is the chance to get yourself aquainted with one of the newest and most exciting independent magazines in Toronto?

POPCan made its debut in June 1998, and already it has achieved growing success within its one year existence.  Published by Oniongirl Productions, the quarterly magazine focuses solely on the Canadian music industry.  Not only does POPCan contain thorough converage of concerts, interviews and artists profiles (established and indepedent), but it also offers helpful hints to the aspiring musician and technical advice from the professionals.

The magazine's internet mirror also features selected reviews and articles from the print publication.  The internet site however, is updated more frequently to offer regular live reviews and music news.  It contains an exclusive photo archive of concerts and festivals that POPCan has attended.  As well, the site serves as a communication tool to let readers know the latest details at POPCan headquarters.

POPCan's young, but dedicated staff bring their diverse backgrounds together to create "an ambitious and enthusiastic 'zine" (Broken Pencil).  They also bring their energy and creativity to the events that the magazine hosts.  POPCan's launch party in Toronto was a great success with live music and many guests. The staff are currently looking at hosting a charity event in December.

Receiving positive feedback and critical acclaim, POPCan continues to grow stronger with the release of each issue.  So open us up and see watch as this little magazine grows up.

Where to Get It

Some locations in Toronto where POPCan may be obtained are below. Or, feel free to contact us for a copy.

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